North America Collection

Representative examples. Click on an image to enlarge it and view details about the piece. 

Water Container; Zuni (US Southwest); 1880-1910; painted ceramic
Vest; Sioux (US Plains); ca. 1890; glass, beads, cloth; Gift of Ron and Doris SmitheeSinger; Virgil Ortiz (b. 1969, Cochiti Pueblo); ca. 1980; ceramic- black, white, red earrings, pendantQuill-decorated Moccasins; Sioux (US Plains); ca. 1890; leather, quills, glass beads, cloth; Gift of Jan Herron & Gama Leyva
Tall Bowl/Jar; Caddoan (US Southeast); ca 1400-1600; ceramic; avery engravedSpirit Mask; Inuit (US Arctic); ca. 1960; wood; Gift of Foundation for Indigenous ArtsMocassins; Kiowa (US Plains); decorated leather, beads, brass cones; Gift of Jan Herron and Gama LeyvaStorage Jar; Tsayutitsa [(active 1920-1955);Zuni]; ca. 1940; ceramic

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