Allen Graffham Memorial Dino Camp 2021: Fossil Fun

Allen Graffham Memorial Dino Camp: Fossil Fun                    July 5-7 (Session I) & July 12-14 (Session II), 9am-12pm

Dino Camp returns for another summer of fun! Campers ages 4 to 8 will learn all about Acro and the fossils she left behind. There will be two sessions of Dino Camp this year: July 5-7 (Session I) and July 12-14 (Session II), with
activities lasting from 9am to 12pm each day. In the interest of continued safety of our campers and Museum staff, attendance is limited to the first 10 to sign up for each session; however, online content will also be published for those who would like to follow along at home. The cost for this event is $65 (Tier II Members, $50) per camper. Please note, additional paperwork is required for this event; the required forms are available online or in the Museum Store. Registration is also available over the phone. Liability Release (1)Parental consent and emergency contact info (1), Photo Release (1)

Dino Camp 2021 Video List Day 2

Video 1 Dino Headband with Spikes
Video 2 Dino Feet and Claws
Video 3 Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs Book Reading
Video 4 Volcano Blow Art Cut out pattern Dino silhouettes
Video 5 Fossil Experiment
Video 6 Make your own fossil

Dino Camp 2021 Video List Day 3
Video 1 Q-tip Skeleton 
Video 2 Dino Mask  Cut out for acro mask (1)
Video 3 Dino Paper Tail craft
Video 4 Dinosaurompus Book Reading
Video 5 Dino Stomp
Dino Stomp Dance Video