Registration for 2020 travel study program now available

General view of pyramids and cityskape from the Giza Plateau (on front side:)

Idabel, OK (April 9, 2019)—Henry Moy, Director of Museum of the Red River, will lead a ten-day study abroad program to Egypt in 2020. The trip includes visits to the country’s most recognizable landmarks and a cruise down the Nile. Moy noted that travelers will receive “unprecedented access” to recently opened sites. A deposit of $500 must be made by September 23, 2019, in order to attend.

One of the trip’s highlights is a behind-the-scenes look at the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) in Cairo. GEM houses the entire King Tutankhamun (AKA: King Tut) collection. The program includes visits to Egypt’s most iconic landmarks, like the Valley of Kings and the Great Sphinx. It also includes excursions to recently revealed sites, like the Nubian Tombs of the Nobles. The cost of the trip begins at $3,999. More information, including an itinerary, is available here.

Ancient Egypt made several important contributions to some of the world’s earliest technological advancements. Remnants from this era, like the Great Sphinx, have been a source of scientific and cultural interest for generations. The country has also been occupied by several foreign powers, including the Greeks, Romans, Persians, Ottomans, and British. Despite this, Egypt has maintained a strikingly unique and easily-recognizable culture. Unsurprisingly, it’s has been a popular tourist destination for centuries.


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  1. Mr Moy, I would really be interested in this trip, but only found out about it yesterday. Karen Marcotte told me about it and I ran home and printed out all the information. However I see you need a deposit by Sept 23. That doesn’t give me any time to find a travel buddy. My most likely candidate is on a New England cruise for 10 and won’t be home before Sept. 23rd. I see the discounts run until October 23rd. Can you wait until then for a confirmation and deposit? I might be able to find someone to go by then.

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