Title: Flower Vase

Date: 2018
Artist: Tadashi Hirawaka (b.1952)
Culture: Japanese 
Size: 6.25” H by 14.25” L
Credit: NA
On View: Yes

Tadashi Hirakawa is one of Japan’s foremost contemporary ceramists. His works are highly sought-after, especially within the ikebana (flower-arranging) community. He has spent decades working with archaeologists, curators, and artists to recreate tsuchigama kilns, which were first used in medieval Japan during the fifth and sixth centuries. They are among the earliest “climbing” kilns. A single tsuchigama kiln will produce different levels of heat, which can affect the finished product.

Mr. Hirakawa made this vase in a similar, tsuchigama-style kiln in nearby Arkansas. The kiln is the first of many that he plans to build around the world. More information about the project is available online at https://www.tsuchigama.com/en/.

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