Title: Mounted Celt

Date: Pre-1800
Culture: Caddo (Oklahoma, United States)
Materials: Wood, Stone
Size: 14” L x 5.75” W
Credit: Gift of Quintus H. Herron
On View: Yes

Blades of all types are fairly common archaeological finds. However, it is extremely rare to find an intact blade with the original handle. As such, this celt is an excellent illustration of how those items were used and the intensive labor required to create them prior to the widespread availability of metal tools. (This celt was found on a sandbar in the Red River, south of Idabel, and not far from a village site in what is now Texas.)

The Caddo and their ancestors were adept at shaping stone for a variety of useful purposes. This celt was made from a stone that was ground to the desired shape, then polished and worked to an edge. It would have made an extremely powerful tool. However, it would have dulled rather quickly, and the edge would have needed routine maintenance.

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