Title: Tlingit Crest Hat

Date: 2002
Artist: Preston Singletary (b. 1963)
Culture: Tlingit (Northwest Coast, United States)
Material: Glass
Size: 15” Diam.
Credit: Museum Commission
On View: Yes

Preston Singletary is considered one of the most innovative and dynamic contemporary native American artists. He is known for blending traditional native forms and concepts with non-native techniques that redefine notions of native American art.

Singletary’s earlier work, like this one, included pieces based on traditional Tlingit hats. The sculpture is similarly-shaped and includes traditional Northwest Coast motifs. It is meant to be placed upside down, under a light, and on a flat surface. The light casts a shadow over the hat that adds an ethereal, otherworldly aspect to its physical presence.

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