Title: Basket

Date: 1985
Artist: Rose Anderson (born ca. 1919)
Culture: Pomo (California, United States)
Material: Woven fibers, feather, shell, cotton
Size: 4” H x 8.5” Diam.
Credit: Gift of Quintus H. and Mary H. Herron
On View: No

The Pomo are universally recognized for their intricately designed baskets, which are made using a range of weaving techniques. The most distinctive baskets are coiled and decorated with feathers. This one is also adorned with abalone shells, glass beads, and handcrafted clamshell beads.

Extensively decorated baskets like this would be given as gifts during various ceremonies. Recipients would use the attached string to hang the baskets at eye level, making it easier to see the decorations and to allow the pendants to hang freely and glimmer in the light.

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