Lifeways: How People Live
We make and use objects to cope with our physical and social environments. These objects, or artifacts, provide a window into our lives and routines. The Museum's Lifeways Gallery features objects from its permanent collections that illustrate the ethnological themes that define us—domestic life, beliefs, encounters, technology and art.

Acrocanthosaurus atokensis
One of the most ferocious dinosaurs of the Early Cretaceous period was discovered in 1983 on private land in McCurtain County by Sid Love and Cephis Hall, paleontologists by avocation. They managed to recover 50% of the skeleton—including the skull—making it the most complete specimen ever found. The Acrocanthosaurus atokensis displayed at the Museum of the Red River, is one of the earliest casts made. This exhibit is currently closed due to renovations.

Seats of Power
Chairs often represent connections with authority, both in the home and outside. Sitting in a chair or stool, off the ground and/or higher than others, automatically confers a place above those who are earth-bound. The most important chairs are larger, taller, made from better materials, and often expertly decorated.  In fact, chiefs and monarchs the world over control their governments while seated on thrones. 

The chairs (and other seats) in this exhibit are drawn from the collections of the Museum and from societies around the world. The exhibit will be on display until October 22. 

Amazon Exhibit, October 2017

As culturas Amazônicas
In many ways, the Amazonian Basin is similar to the American frontier during the 19th century. The Basin, which contains the world’s largest rainforest, is experiencing unprecedented exploitation, settlement, and development.  Consequently, its indigenous people are losing their land and their resources. Unsurprisingly, it has becoming increasingly difficult for people to maintain their traditional culture. However, some groups have managed to maintain their cultural identity by promoting—and often selling—traditional art... [Click here to read the full press release.]