30,000 Objects (And Counting)

The Museum's collections primarily consist of ethnographic art from prehistoric to contemporary times. Its major focus is the material culture of native America (North, Central and South). However, it also has a growing number of comparative objects from Africa (Western and Central) and Asia (East, Southeast and South Pacific). Select pieces are highlighted six to eight times a year in temporary and semi-permanent exhibits. Others are displayed in off-site exhibits throughout Southeastern Oklahoma.

Collections continues to grow by with several hundred items each year. The majority come through donation, made by contributors throughout the country. They recognize the value of making important cultural objects available to audiences who are otherwise deprived of opportunities to appreciate and learn from fine examples of craftsmanship by artisans all over the world.

Mary Bratton Curtis Gallery

Current: Selections from the Museum's Collections II, III (July 18 - October 8)


Nathaniel and Lana Grey Gallery

Current Exhibit: JADE, a collection of carved and polished works of "jade" from the collections. (April 25 to July 15.)

Acrocanthosaurus atokensis

Due to current renovations, the cast of Acrocanthosaurus is off display. 

Lifeways Gallery

Objects from the Museum's collections that illustrate various ethnological themes. Anticipated to reopen in July. 

Gregory S. Perino Archaeological Study Area

A collection of regional archaeological material that honors of the work of Gregory S. Perino, the Museum's first director (1975 - 1984).  Open in July.

Heritage Gallery

Historic photos and artifacts from the museum's earlier years that honor the extraordinary efforts of founders Quintus and Mary Herron. Open in July.