Registration is now open for the Museum of the Red River’s annual Explorer’s Camp

Idabel, OK (May 4, 2017)—This year, budding anthropologists ages 8 to 12 will explore the culture of Precolumbian West Mexico, June 19 to June 23. Campers will create yarn paintings, play the Mesoamerican ballgame, pit-fire pottery and much more. They’ll even eat traditional West Mexican food like salsa, tortillas, and popcorn. The camp is led by Cheryl Smallwood-Roberts, an expert in West Mexican culture and the Head of Curatorial Programs. Parents may register their children for Explorer’s Camp by calling the Museum (580-286-3616). Cost is $100 and attendees should bring a sack lunch each day.

The people of West Mexico managed to maintain a vibrant culture in the face of larger ethnic groups like the Olmec, Maya and Teotihuacan from 500 BC to 500 AD. They’re best remembered for their distinctive ceramic sculptures and elaborate shaft tombs. However, they’re also credited with influencing modern Mexican culture and even modern ballgames. Campers will learn and eventually tell, the rich story of West Mexico.


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