Recent Acquisitions (December 15, 2020 – February 21, 2021)

Featuring many of the artifacts the Museum has acquired during the calendar year 2020. . Included are works created by native peoples around the world and across time. Several hundred objects were acquired during the year, and this exhibit displays some of the highlights.

Raven Fan DancerLate 20th century, by ‘Chupak‘  (Chivly Chup, b. Cambodia), walrus bone and ivory

Footed Bowl, Ca 1200-1400, Carchi (Ecuador), painted ceramic

Sculpture Diablito Musicians in Band, Late 20th century, Michoacan, Mexico, painted ceramic


Storage Basket, Late 20th century, Oaxaca, Mexico, palm and other plant fibers


Storage Jar, ca 1700, China (?), glazed stoneware