Summer Explorers Camp 2021

Summer Explorers supply list for online (clickable link)
Summer Explorers Camp: Panama
                                                                                           June 21-June 25, 9am-3pm

Summer Explorer’s Camp is back! This year budding anthropologists ages 8 to 12 will learn about the art, cultures, and people of Panama, mostly through hands-on activities. Explorers’ Camp is scheduled for June 21 to June 25, from 9am to 3pm each day. Attendees must bring a sack lunch each day. In the interest of continued safety of our campers and Museum staff, attendance is limited to the first 10 to sign up; however, online content will also be
published for those who would like to follow along at home. The cost for this event is $125 (Tier II Members, $100) per camper. Please note, additional paperwork is required for this event; the required forms are available online or in the Museum Store. Registration is also available over the phone. Photo Release (1) Parental consent and emergency contact info (1) Liability Release (1)  Supply List (1) (Click each of 4 links to download forms) 

Summer Explorers Camp Day 1
Video 1 Intro to Panama Presentation
Video 2 Soccer
Video 3 Panama Hats
Video 4 “Who Am I” Rainforest Animal Presentation 
Video 5 Spanish Lesson 1 
Video 6 Polleras Dress and Paper Doll Outline

Summer Explorers Camp Day 2
Video 1 Beliefs Presentation
Video 2 Pinch Pot
Video 3 Gold Burial Mask 
Video 4 Balseria
  Traditional Balseria in Llano Bonito 
Video 5 Poems 
Video 6 Paper Chain Anaconda  
Video 7 Spanish Lesson 2
Video 8 Temporary Tattoos

Summer Explorers Camp Day 3
Video 1 Technology & Art Presentation
Video 2 Molas
Video 3 Pinatas
Video 4 Carnaval Masks
Video 5 Rain Sticks
Video 6 Spanish Lesson 3
Video 7 Maracas

Summer Explorers Camp Day 4
Video 1 Trade Presentation
Video 2 Panama Canal
Video 3 Beaded Bracelet
Video 4 Baskets
Video 5 Toucan
Video 6 Spanish Lesson 4

Day 5 Thank You Video

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