We would like to acknowledge and thank everyone who supports the Museum and its mission.

Corporate Partners

All Smiles Dental
Archey-Warren-Dunn Insurance
Choctaw Electric Cooperative
Coca Cola Bottling of Idabel
Colonial Lodge Senior Living
Complete Care Medical Supplies


Dominance Ind., Pan Pacific Products
Don Shaw Attorney
Flooring Outfitters
G.I. Surplus & Pawn
Helen Coffman Apprisal
Herron Family Tree Farm
Idabel Kiwanis
Idabel National Bank
Idabel Veterinary Clinic
KBEL Communications LLC
McCurtain County Bar Assoc.
McCurtain Daily Gazette
Michel McElroy Insurance
Scott Doering Law Office
Westbrook-Petre Realty


William Abernathy
Marjorie R. & Dr. Robert Gethner Bardeen
Charles and Gleny Beach
Linda J. Bell
Gregory and Jeanette Bohanan
Michael and Francine Bray
Fred Bray
Robert and Pamela Brooks
Alan Bryant
Ken Busby and Dixie Busby 
Tom Butler
Lindsey Campbell
Peter and Ginny Carl
Susan and David Charlesworh
Ai-Ling Chen
May Young Chin
Ken and Kay Chinn
Victor and Karla Clay
Johnnie Lou Clinton
Linda and Chester Cowen
Dr. Chester Danehower
Chuck and Jan Darby
Dr. Kaaren Day
Mike and Linda DeBerry
Florence J. Deighton
Bruce and Sheryl Delp
John & Sheila DeWitt
Scott Doering and Cherie Townsend
Leora & Mehdy Douraghy
Don and Peggy Dugan
Faith and Jack Dulaney
Daniel and Christine Eck
Ronald and Carolyn Engel-Wilson
Robbie J. Farley
Kenneth and Deborah Farley
Ed and Cindy Fulmer
Eloise Gebert
Delcyne Grant
Jeff & Lynette Hand
Rick Harder
Jane and Tom Harding
Brian Hendershot and Courtneigh Wood
Robin Hendershot
Suzannah Herron
Janet Herron and Gamaliel Leyva
Pete and Katie Herron
Donald A. and Mary E. Herron
John and Sue Hinkel
Faye House
Edna and Norman Ikeda
Sandra and Bruce Jackson
Betty Jacob
Donita Jacobs
David R. Jeane
Sam and Dolly Johnson
Kyle and Katie Jones
Dian Jordan-Werhane
John and Angie Kelly
Paulette and Brad Kendrick
Cindy Kennedy
Cheryl Koehler
Dr. Kathryn Kohler
Kama Koontz
Ann Koski
Debora D. Lawson
Drs. Ernesto and Luisa Lira
Tiete Lycklama
Michael McElroy
George McGough
Susan McKeever
Glenna Minter
Phillip Morgan
Brad Morse and Dr. Gretchen Adams
Jack Moy
Henry Moy
Gary and Julie Mui
Dr. Craig Nakashian
Carolynn Neal
Pat Owens and Joe Jessie
Melda Payne
Andrew and Claudia Perkins
Bob and Judy Petre
Shirley Pogue
Dane and Lynn Pollei
Donna Ponder
Stephen and Stephanie Ratcliff
David C. and Brianna Reed
Javier and Irma Reto-Viteri
Shelly Rhoten
Sandra Riley
Kristi and Adrian Routh
Diana Savastano and Jake Mullens
Lewis and Karla Schwartz
Nancy and Dr. Kenneth Setter
Larry and Jennifer Shaffer
Don and Nelda Shaw
Taylor and Becky Shaw
Barty Shipp
Phil Silva
Carol and Michael Simon
Vickie and Scott Smith
Bill Quoc Luong and Angela Pham Son
Dianne Sprague
Michael and Anita Stevenson
Debra Fulmer Sullivan
John Swineford
Dr. Emily Teeter
Dr. Ian and Amy Thompson
Spencer Throckmorton
Raymond J. and Pamela J. VanPelt
Barry Vaughn
Daniel and Katie Vick
Marilyn Wade
A. “Sunni” Wager
Dr. Roslyn A. Walker
Michelle F. and Terry Walker
Brenda Walters
Rev. J. Edson and Jean C. Way
Ruth and Brent Weckwerth
Jack Welge, Jr.
Bob and Jeanie West
Bill and Sharon White
Carolyn and Eddie White

We also extend our sincerest gratitude to the many other individuals that donate their time, money, and objects to the Museum each year. 

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