Temporary Exhibits

Recent Acquisitions (2018) 
Through January 27, 2019

Recent Acquisitions includes works by Toshiko Takaezu, Chase Kahwinhut Earles, Acee Blue Eagle, Mayumi Makino Kiefer, and others. The show also features ethnographic art from around the world. The items on display were selected from the 650 objects the Museum obtained within the past year. 


Ceramic Traditions: West Africa
Through January 6, 2019

The first west African ceramics were likely fired by 5th century Nok and Ile-Ife peoples in present-day Nigeria. Modern ceramics—like those on display—are created through the coiling processes, with incising, modeling, and sculpting done prior to firing. However, post-fired engraving and painting does occur. A few ceramics are even glazed. Over time, different groups have added various attributes which identify tribal/ethnic affiliations more clearly, within larger ethnolinguistic groups.