Temporary Exhibits

Enameled Asian Works 
Closing Date TBD 

Enamel is a type of treated glass, formed by melting ground sand, soda, and coloring agents. Until recently, it was primarily used for decoration. Enamel can be used as a filler material or diluted and applied as paint. Once fired, enamels attain a gloss and brightness that is generally unobtainable by mineral-based paints. Furthermore, unlike paint, enamel does not fade or darken over time. 


Native American Cradles 
February 12 to June 9 

The cradle is one of the most striking symbols of native American childhood. When and where they were first used is not known. They probably arrived in North America with the Bering land bridge migrants. However, archeological evidence suggests a longer tradition of cradle usage. What we do know is that cradles were used in most of North America and parts of South America. Although their appearance differed from group to group, their overall form remained the same.