Temporary Exhibits

Art of Roberto Ugalde and Michael Archuleta

August 20th to October 27th

Two artists working in the American Southwest, both taking inspiration from nature, but capturing different subjects in their paintings. Beginning August 20th and lasting until October 27th, Museum visitors will be able to see works of both artists, side by side, in the Mary Bratton Curtis Gallery.


Enameled Asian Works 
Closing Date TBD 

Enamel is a type of treated glass, formed by melting ground sand, soda, and coloring agents. Until recently, it was primarily used for decoration. Enamel can be used as a filler material or diluted and applied as paint. Once fired, enamels attain a gloss and brightness that is generally unobtainable by mineral-based paints. Furthermore, unlike paint, enamel does not fade or darken over time. 


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