Temporary Exhibits

Arts of the Southwest 
June 12 to September 2

The Museum of the Red River has an extensive collection of prehistoric, historic and contemporary materials, including one of North America’s best collections of Southwest ceramics. Its collection of Southwest material also includes baskets, prints, jewelry, katsinas and more. Over 75 pieces from 15 different groups are represented in this exhibit.


Recent Acquisitions  
Closing Date TBD 

The Museum of the Red River opened in 1975 with a focus on regional archaeology. It supported local field research, often collaborating with agencies like the Oklahoma Archeological Survey or the U.S. Forest Service. At the same time, the Museum collected complementary material for educational purposes. In the 1980s, it ceased all field operations and returned any materials recovered under government contract to the appropriate agencies. It expanded its collecting interest to include art from the Americas, Africa, Asia and Pacific Islands. 


Island Spirits
Through October 28

Many people who call the South Pacific region home, believe in an otherworldly realm populated with ghosts and spirits. These beings are often contacted through ritual and prayer for guidance, good fortune, and protection. This belief permeates all aspects of the region, and can be seen in everyday utensils as well as works of art.

[Pictured: Hei Tiki Pendant by Wayne Turnbull (b. Gisborne, New Zealand). Museum Purchase, with support from Shady Ladies, LLC.]