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On the Wing

From ravens to peacocks, to chickens and sparrows, birds have played in important role in cultures around the world. Their soaring flights and migration patterns have stirred our creative imagination for centuries. Many are viewed as symbols of cleverness, luck, or even death. In recognition of their cultural significance, the Museum of the Red River is accepting submissions for its bird photography contest, On the Wing.


Acrocanthosaurus atokensis

At nearly 40 feet long, Acrocanthosaurus atokensis—or Acro—was one of North America’s largest meat eaters. It looked very similar to a Tyrannosaurus rex. It had a large head, powerful back legs, and relatively small arms. However, unlike a T. rex, Acro had a tall “sail” on its body. Scientists are unsure what purpose the sail served. Typically, animals use their sails to attract a mate. However, Acro’s sail could have also been a defensive mechanism. For example, it might have used the sail to appear larger when facing rival dinosaurs. Acro may have also used its sail to regulate its body temperature.