The Museum of the Red River

celebrates the world's artistic heritage, while emphasizing the contributions made to this heritage by the native peoples of the Americas.

Artifacts and related materials dating from prehistoric to contemporary times are collected, preserved, researched and exhibited in order to foster aesthetic appreciation, stimulate curiosity, and encourage further study. Complementary programs and activities provide additional learning opportunities to our audiences.

The Museum is also home to Acrocanthosaurus atokensis, (CURRENTLY OFF DISPLAY) the official State Dinosaur of Oklahoma. The most complete specimen of this 110 million year old fossil was recovered less than twenty miles away. A full size cast of the skeleton, nearly forty feet long and fourteen feet high, is displayed along with natural history specimens from around the world. Additional exhibits can be found in the Lifeways Gallery, Nathaniel & Lana Grey Gallery, Mary Bratton Curtis Gallery, Gregory Perino Archaeological Study Area, and Holland & Sallie Webb Learning Center.

This website provides but a glimpse of the Museum and its offerings. We hope users will be inspired and accept this as an invitation to come visit in person.

Visit us at 812 E. Lincoln Road, Idabel, Oklahoma or call us at 580-286-3616.


$4 Million Expansion set at Museum of the Red River 

The Museum of the Red River embarks upon its next stage of development by implementing renovations beginning Dec 1, 2015. The four million dollar ($4,000,000) project will address current problems of crowding in collections storage and visitor service areas. Renovated galleries will enhance exhibits, and additional classroom space will enable the Museum to offer cultural and educational programs to larger groups. The architectural firm Newcomb & Associates, AE, who were responsible for the successful Mary H. Herron Community Conference Center, has been contracted for this renovation also.


During construction, exhibits and most educational programs will continue to be offered in the adjoining Conference Center, during normal business hours (10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Tuesday - Saturday; 1:00 - 5:00 Sundays).














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