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The Museum of the Red River is home to art and archaeology from around the world and the Oklahoma State Dinosaur, Acrocanthosaurus atokensis. Admission is always free thanks to our corporate partners. 

2022 New Acquisitions

Check out some of the amazing pieces we’ve added to our collections over the last year!


Visit our press room for the latest information about upcoming programs and exhibits. 



Inka Predecessors (through June 5, 2022)

                At the time of the Spanish arrival in the Americas (beginning with Columbus in 1492), the dominant civilization in the Andean and Pacific coastal regions of South America was that of the Inka. Their Empire stretched from present-day Colombia across Ecuador, Peru and most of Bolivia, into northern Chile and Argentina. Before the ascent and subsequent dominance of the Inka, the region was the home of numerous cultures, many of which are only now becoming better known. Follow us at www.museumoftheredriver.org  (website) or The Museum of the Red River | Facebook

Free admission is made possible in part by the following organizations:  Choctaw Electric Cooperative, Michael S. McElroy Insurance, Don Shaw—Attorney at Law, Edward Jones (Idabel), Flooring Outfitters, GI Surplus and Pawn, Girls Gone Wine, Helen Coffman Appraisal Service, Idabel Coca-Cola Bottling, McCurtain County Bar Association, Newcomb Associates Architects & Engineers Inc., International Paper, and many more. 

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