Beading workshop slated for February 17 at the Museum of the Red River

Artist Greg Bohanan leading a beading workshop

Idabel, OK (January 29, 2017)—Back by popular demand, Choctaw beading artist Greg Bohanan will lead a loom beading workshop February 17, from 10 am to 3:00 pm. The class is capped at 10 people. Cost is $45. Attendees may keep any leftover materials—including the loom—for their own use. The class will break at noon for a potluck lunch and resume at 1:00 pm. Participants can register online or by calling (580) 286 – 3616.

Beading has always been a part of native American culture. At first, native Americans made their own beads from bone or shell. However, the process was long, and the finished product relatively cumbersome. The introduction of glass beads by European changed everything. The new beads were more colorful, smaller, and easier to use. Artists could create a limitless number of patterns and compositions. Over time, different tribes developed their own designs and methods.

Contemporary beadwork is a rich blend of artistic traditions. Some artists blend materials and patterns to create distinctly 21st century designs. Others have developed unique beading styles that incorporate three-dimensional surfaces. Some have even successfully revived traditional practices. Nonetheless, regardless of its form, beadwork serves as a powerful symbol of native American heritage.

UPDATE: We are unable to accept any more participants at this time. Thank you for your interest!


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