Museum of the Red River will temporarily close starting July 14

Internal shot of workers building the Museum's pyramid on a sunny day

Idabel, OK (June 26, 2018)—The Museum of the Red River will close from July 14 to July 30. During this time, contractors will complete critical work on its roof and air conditioning system. Updates about the closing will be posted on the Museum’s social media pages and website. The closing will not affect Dino Camp (July 9 to 11).

The construction project was scheduled for completion earlier this year. However, supply problems, an unseasonably wet fall, and last-minute changes to the project led to several delays. According to Vickie Smith, Construction Manager, most of those problems are “squared away” and people should start seeing a “drastic change” in August. Among those changes is the installation of the glass pyramid that serves as the “face” of the new building.

Smith hopes to finish the project in the fall. By then, the Museum will cover 45,000 square feet. Some of that new space is already open to the public, including several galleries. Staff hope to open Collections Storage, which doubles as a gallery, in early August. Other changes include an enlarged classroom, a new Museum Store and a renovated Learning Center. Many of those spaces, including the Acrocanthosaurus atokensis gallery should open before the project is complete.


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